Address of the rector Valeriu Bujor to the candidates for studies

CRIMINOLOGY INSTITUTE announces reductions in study fee of up to 67% for the session – Admission 2020

Every year thousands of young people, their parents, are on the verge of choosing an educational institution that would allow to maximize the potential of their child, starting from the great truth: the most advantageous investment is the investment in one’s intellect, the investment in the future child. Indeed, by investing in the training of new children, parents, we are investing at the same time in the future, in the future of the family of Stephen the Great and Holy.

Choosing a specialty for the child, parents largely determine their future. Therefore, in order to exclude the possible replies of the beloved baby, that it was an improper choice and that years, money, intellectual and soul energy, which could be directed, were lost, it is recommended that the parents, in accordance with the mature child, should already try to make the right choice. A multi-faceted choice, first of all the future professional occupation, which must be adapted to the skills and values of the person, secondly a choice of the institution where this specialty can be obtained.

Under these conditions, the role and responsibility of the educational institutions in enhancing the human potential of the nation and creating an intellectual national elite that would lift the Republic of Moldova, from the impasse in which the rulers have brought, to the rank of prosperous countries where equity, peace and harmony predominate social, where man would be the supreme value and where only one dictatorship could be admitted – the dictatorship of Law, equity and common sense. The terrible times of Moldovan capitalism will pass, the political packs will be removed from power. It is not far off the time when the money, the quatraism and the finism will not count on the professional and social promotion, but will count only the intellectual potential based, in its turn, on an ethical-moral background, faith and fear of God. in this process, it needs specialists with increased social responsibility, capable and capable of establishing such a dictatorship and such a social order.

In this process of social reform, among other specialties, criminologists, lawyers, psychologists and criminologists have specialties, which are always among the most sought after in a contemporary society. Specialists in these fields prepare the Institute of Criminology. The specificity of our institution consists of fundamental criminological training. Moreover, the prestigious and interesting profession of criminologist is, at present, one of the rarest professions in the Republic of Moldova, as opposed to the advanced countries of Europe and North America, where thousands of criminologists are trained in the counter system. and prevention of social deviation, corruption and crime. The times are changing, the specialty of criminology has also reached the ex-communist and post-Soviet space. We are proud of the fact that the Institute of Criminal Sciences and Applied Criminology, at present, is the only institution with a criminological profile, in all the area of ​​South-East Europe and CIS.

I invite to the studies the people who want a prestigious specialty that would allow them a guaranteed professional achievement both in the country and abroad of the Republic of Moldova. The criminologist will find a job anywhere and as long as there is criminal mischief, corruption and organized crime, other pathologies that destroy society.

I hope that the urge to become valuable specialists in criminology, law, psychology and criminological security will make you choose the Institute of Criminology. The institution in turn guarantees employment in the field of work and the professional promotion of graduates who will demonstrate teaching performance and will participate actively in the development of cultural-sports and scientific activities. We will help you change your characters, become intelligent, volitional, emotionally and physically healthy, fit to write new pages in the history of the Moldovan people! You are our future, we make you and only together we will succeed!

Regarding the reduction of the tuition fees, for those enrolled in the first year of education. This offer is not advertising. We started from the real situation created in the country, when many Moldovans will not have enough sources for simple survival, talking about money to pay tuition fees. Our institution is at a loss – financially, but the responsibility towards the nation and the country obliges us to be with those who will ensure our future, our children!