BUJOR Valeriu Gheorghe,

born March 04, 1958 in Sofia village, Drochia district, Republic of Moldova,

  • rector of the Institute of Criminal Sciences and Applied Criminology,
  • doctor in law, university professor,

Studies: Higher School of Criminal Investigation of MAY USSR (1983); MAYOR USSR Academy (1991)



Mr. Valeriu Bujor, in his 35 years of activity in the field of education (1983) and 30 years in the field of science (1988), has published about 160 scientific and methodological-didactic works, of which 50 books. He is the author and co-author of the first manuals, course notes and comments on criminal law, criminology, criminological statistics, victimology, deviantology, general theory of law, as well as criminological security in the Republic of Moldova.

In his activity, Mr. Bujor Valeriu has shown himself as an excellent organizer and manager with experience in the field of education and science. He was at the foundation of the creation of educational institutions and research centers with a criminological profile, such as: College of Criminology, University of Criminology, Institute of Criminal Sciences and Applied Criminology, Center for comparative studies in legal sciences.

Between 1989 and 1999 Valeriu Bujor was active in the Ministry of Interior, being mentioned with diplomas of merit, the Eminent Militia Badges and For merit, the medal for impeccable service of the third, second, first and second grade.

Mr. Bujor Valeriu, who worked from 1991 to 1999 in the Academy of MFA Stefan cel Mare, was the one who laid the foundations of the scientific activity of the Police Academy, contributing to the affirmation of this institution as a research center at national and international level. Thanks to his efforts, within the Academy was founded the Center of scientific research – the first unit of scientific research with criminological character in the country (1995), began his activity doctoral and masters courses (1997).

From a scientific point of view, Mr. Bujor Valeriu’s contribution consists in the elaboration of a general criminological theory and the formulation of two criminological laws, individually and in collaboration. It substantially complemented the concept of criminal violence, penitentiary criminology, criminological security, group and organized crime. Also, Mr. Bujor Valeriu has elaborated a series of procedures for criminological analysis and forecasting. The area of ​​interests of Mr. Bujor Valeriu went beyond criminology, carrying out a series of studies in criminal law and the general theory of law, formulating multiple legal proposals. The achievements of the scientist are included in the list of first-rate performances in the field of criminology.

Mr. Bujor Valeriu has a special merit in the creation and social promotion of criminology as a science, training and anti-crime practice. He is rightly considered one of the founders of indigenous criminology. In parallel with teaching criminology at several educational institutions, Valeriu Bujor organizes and runs numerous national and international criminological forums. Thanks to his efforts, for the first time in the former Soviet space, in the Nomenclature of vocational training areas for higher education, the criminology specialty was introduced.

Bujor Valeriu, as president of the Independent Criminology Association of the Republic of Moldova, is an active propagator of the achievements of national criminal and criminological science, representing the Republic of Moldova at numerous international scientific meetings.

Bujor Valeriu educated a plethora of disciples, who asserted themselves as criminologists and researchers both in the country and abroad of the Republic of Moldova (Canada, Iraq, Romania, Russia) and guided them to major scientific achievements. Under his scientific guidance, 9 doctoral theses were submitted, one of which was appreciated by the CNAA, as a thesis of excellence.

From 1998 to the present, Valeriu Bujor has been and is a member of the editorial boards of several national and international magazines (Journal of philosophy, sociology and law of the ASM, Law and life (Закон и жизнь), Journal of criminology, law Criminal and Criminal Law, National Legal Journal: Theory and Practice The last two journals were established with the direct support and support of the criminologist Valeriu Bujor. He is a member of the inter-university scientific seminar of profile (specialty – criminal sciences), member of the Expert Commission CNAA.

Also, the reserve colonel Valeriu Bujor, permanently and dedicatedly in the activities of civic and patriotic education of the young generation, is an active member of the Union of Officers of the Republic of Moldova.

Thousands of young people were students and students of this teacher, who laid the principle of his activity – Faith, Discipline, Book, and who, by his example, led to honest behavior, fairness and justice. He is a scientist who has shown that human rights and obligations have their roots in biblical commandments and teachings.

Dozens of capable young people from needy families graduated from educational institutions due to personal scholarships for studies, granted by Valeriu Bujor.

Professor and scientist Bujor Valeriu was elected, by the university senates, Doctor Honoris Causa of the MIA Academy in Volgograd (Russia), the Institute of Naval Transport in Ismail (Ukraine) and the Institute of Criminal Sciences and Applied Criminology. He is also an honorary citizen of the native village – Sofia.

Valeriu Bujor was awarded for merits with multiple distinctions, including: Gold Medal for merits in education by the International Staff Academy, Medal of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova Nicolae Milescu-Spătaru, Order of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova – Petru MOVILĂ of the second grade.