About me

BUJOR Valeriu Gheorghe,

born March 04, 1958 in Sofia village, Drochia district, Republic of Moldova,

  • rector of the Institute of Criminal Sciences and Applied Criminology,
  • doctor in law, university professor,

Studies: Higher School of Criminal Investigation of MAY USSR (1983); MAYOR USSR Academy (1991)



Mr. Valeriu Bujor, in his 35 years of activity in the field of education (1983) and 30 years in the field of science (1988), has published about 160 scientific and methodological-didactic works, of which 50 books. He is the author and co-author of the first manuals, course notes and comments on criminal law, criminology, criminological statistics, victimology, deviantology, general theory of law, as well as criminological security in the Republic of Moldova.

In his activity, Mr. Bujor Valeriu has shown himself as an excellent organizer and manager with experience in the field of education and science. He was at the foundation of the creation of educational institutions and research centers with a criminological profile, such as: College of Criminology, University of Criminology, Institute of Criminal Sciences and Applied Criminology, Center for comparative studies in legal sciences.

Mr. Bujor Valeriu, who worked from 1991 to 1999 in the Academy of Stefan cel Mare, was the one who laid the foundations of the scientific activity of the Police Academy, contributing to the affirmation of this institution as a research center at national and international level. Thanks to his efforts, within the Academy was founded the Center of scientific research – the first unit of scientific research with criminological character in the country (1995), began his activity doctoral and master’s courses (1997).

From a scientific point of view, Mr. Bujor Valeriu’s contribution consists in the elaboration of a general criminological theory and the formulation of two criminological laws, individually and in collaboration. It substantially complemented the concept of criminal violence, penitentiary criminology, criminological security, group and organized crime. Also, Mr. Bujor Valeriu has elaborated a series of procedures for criminological analysis and forecasting. The area of ​​interests of Mr. Bujor Valeriu went beyond criminology, carrying out a series of studies in criminal law and the general theory of law, formulating multiple legal proposals. The achievements of the scientist are included in the list of first-rate performances in the field of criminology.